Investing with Data-Driven Choices

At the heart of our approach lies a meticulous and thoughtful process of active investment choices. We understand the profound impact these decisions have on both our clients’ financial futures and the broader global landscape. 


We catalyze positive change for our clients and society

Our mission is to deliver exceptional investment performance by actively making strategic decisions. We carefully choose companies with sustainable and responsible business models that can adapt and flourish amidst future challenges. Additionally, as a prominent impact investing specialist, we empower clients who seek to amplify positive change.


Our foresight fuels our clients' sustained growth.

Grow asset management

Focus on developing distinctive capabilities that enable us to deliver excellent investment performance

Expand Private assets and Alternatives

Meet increasing client demand for additional portfolio building blocks and alternative sources of return

Closer relationships with end clients

Build client longevity and sustainable margins through trusted adviser relationships in Wealth Management

Mutual Funds

offers retail clients access to our investment capabilities through intermediary networks  


public and private market investment strategies for institutions of all sizes  

Wealth Management

provides wealth management and financial planning for individuals, charity clients, family offices and advisers


You can use a few enticing words and flaunt your capabilities that will attract future clients and encourage them to hire you right away.

The heart of our strategy is simple

We design innovative products and services tailored to our client needs. Deep relationships and active, intelligent use of technology – including award-winning measurement tools developed in-house – gives us the edge. And our workplace is designed so our talented people can flourish and achieve the best possible results. 

My Expertise

Focusing on Quality

We acquire high-quality assets and businesses that can provide strong downside protection across market cycles.

Being Patient and Ready

We take a long-term view in deploying capital while acting decisively when the right opportunities emerge.

Taking a Contrarian View

We see opportunities in assets, businesses, markets and sectors that are out of favor or in distress.


At the heart of our mission is sustainability

We are more than simply an investor—we are active participants in industries and economies around the world. And we are committed to sustainability in everything we do.